"Love 2"


This album should be coming out sometime in October, I'm not sure of the exact date. I've only listened to this all the way through once, so I don't want to say how i feel about it yet.



"New Leaves"


This is Owen's latest album.... actually, it's not supposed to be released until Septemeber 22nd. Besides Dashboard Confessional, this is the only emo music I agree with. I agree with all of the Kinsella family's music. This album stays pretty true to the other Owen albums, but you can definitely tell that he is trying to keep up with what the other popular indie artists are doing. Regardless, I can't stop listening to this, and you should too... it will make you want to either slit your wrists, never date anyone again, and/or kill all your friends and ex-bfs/gfs.


public enemy

Public Enemy
"Fear of a Black Planet"


Fear of a Black Planet is Public Enemy's third album.. and was nominated for a Grammy! You get exactly what you expect from the group on this album. Lots of samples and so much anger. The amount of rage they have would be scarier if the members were actually scarier/harder, but they seem like pussies to me. Flavor Flav REALLY bothers me and doesn't really contribute anything except noises and/or no more than 3 words at a time. But despite his annoyingness, Public Enemy is always good to listen to if you need to get out your hatred for white people.

the smiths

The Smiths
"The Smiths"


This is the group's debut album, released in 1984. Look, I know a lot of people think Meat is Murder is their best album, but I honestly prefer this one. Morrissey's voice is so soothing, and I just want him to swaddle me and put me to bed every night.


new order

New Order


This is New Order's 5th album, and was released in 1989. This is another one of those instances where I like the WHOLE album... every song is just good. I think I like this one so much because it seems like every track is way upbeat and way dancey, not necessarily true of their other albums. Bottom line is, listen to this.


ice cube

Ice Cube
"AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"


This is Ice Cube's first solo album, and was released in 1990. I think it's pretty obvious that Ice Cube was the best member of N.W.A. This album is straight up early 90's West coast hip hop... which means it's all about gang banging, girls with big booties, and how hard life is in the projects. West coast hip hop is always a good refreshment from East coast because it seems more up beat, even though the subject matter is not.



"Only Built 4 Cuban Linx"


This is Raekwon's first solo album, released in 1995. Almost every track on this album has a verse (or 2, or 3) by one of his former fellow Wu Tang members.... Nas is also on one of the songs! YES! This is one of my favorite solo albums from an ex-C(K)lan member. For an added bonus I am going to include the link to one of the best images that I have ever seen... WTF